“I was very impressed with Leslie Knowlton’s performance in guiding the assembled team through very complex issues. Leslie slowed the group down to define the issues, identify the stakeholders for each issue, and then assisted the team in arriving at various plans of action for resolving the issues. I have always considered the best recommendation to be repeat business and being recommended to others. I intend to do both for Leslie’s excellent services.”
Ben Olson, Operations Manager, Heery International

“I have known Leslie for the past 6 years (2004 -2010) as a very talented and motivated individual capable of organizing people, while appealing to their own self-interest. She posses a congenial personality, ideally suited to deal with group dynamics with the objective of facilitating interactions. I have seen Leslie’s intellectual potential in action and I have been impressed by her unusual skills such as critical analysis, great recollection of facts, deep intellectual curiosity and a great ability to make abstract connections. While at LANL, Leslie was a great facilitator of our MBA Action Group, and she demonstrated to be a very creative individual, full of ideas and capable of focusing and moving a group forward. Leslie is a good listener with the rare ability of synthesizing groups’ opinions and turn them into actionable paths.”
Dr. Mario R. Perez
Program Scientist, Astrophysics Division, NASA Headquarters

“Leslie is knowledgeable about current thinking in organizational management and trends.  She gave me excellent advice, and was a great help in helping me think through why I should spend the time and money to have my management team retreat from the office for three workdays.  She quickly gained the trust of the retreat participants, and did a terrific job of capturing our sometimes-focused, sometimes-rambling discussions.  She provided clear, timely, understandable deliverables (reports) that captured our evolutionary and iterative thought process.  All of the other participants commented to me on her helpfulness and the high quality of her work.  Her assistance was invaluable as our Group moves forward with organizational restructuring and change.”       Diana Webb, National Laboratory Policy Officer

“Leslie’s skill goes way beyond that of just mere coaching (personal or business). She strives to truly understand the details of one’s situation and uses her vast experience of management, business and relationships to build strategies that really work. I have hired her once and look forward to having her as a resource in the future.”   Michael Prahl, Financial Planner

What people are saying about an intensive workshop over several months with Leslie…

“I thought Use of Self was very provocative and revelatory.”
Pat Beck, HR Generalist

“The Professional Use of Self workshop was worth the time I spent on it because I wanted to get something out of it and I did. It gave me insights that I either did not have or had forgotten during my work life. The interactions with Leslie and others were very positive for me. Also, I appreciate the true depth and complexity of the topic. I am using what I learned in both my work and personal life.”
Tony Ladino, Policy Officier

“I not only found the Professional Use of Self sessions valuable in enhancing what I may have already been aware of, I also believe they were invaluable in providing insights to new concepts and understanding myself and others. These sessions would be valuable to anyone and perhaps should be required for all managers in order to better lead, direct and understand their employees. The materials provided have and continue to provide many resources for various issues that regularly occur throughout the workplace. I would look forward to attending follow-up sessions for the alumni of previous workshops.”
Pavlo Quintana, Ombuds Office

“I found the workshop valuable and have found myself thinking about the things we learned more and more since the end of the course. I have been more aware about my behavior, reactions, and impact on others because of the course. I think this is the first step toward becoming a more effective worker.”
Carol Brown, Educator


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