MBTI Support for Coaches and Development Professionals

Coach’s requirement:

A need to gather information – an evaluation of client’s personality and preference type to better understand communication and decision making styles and what stress might look like in times of change for the client.

What Leslie can bring to the table:

* Access to MBTI STEP II personality type instrument online
* Qualified to administer and de-brief final assessment report
* Experience with over 300 individual and group assessment sessions with an emphasis on Carl Jung’s theories of adult development.

How it will work:

The coach will send the client an email with instructions on how to access the instrument on line (I will provide him with the password and the instructions). Once it is completed, Leslie will contact the coach to set up a 50-minute conference call for himself, his client and Leslie to discuss the results. The 18-page report will be distributed to coach and client in an email attachment.

The session:

10 min.     Context for this type of assessment (history and impact)
20 min.     Description of the four functions and attitudes with vivid anecdotes of what they look like
10 min.     Assessment of their true type by comparing their “guess” with the results of the report
10 min.     Explore any questions, concerns or elaboration on a particular aspect

The cost:

My fee of $190 (includes instrument) will be charged directly to the coach unless they would like to have the client invoiced for the service.


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