Considering a Coach?

I would like to suggest starting with a complimentary session.

Coaching is an investment in your Self.  It is often difficult to appreciate the value of a coaching session until you have experienced it yourself.

As you consider the value of hiring a coach, it is my pleasure to meet with you for 40 minutes to include an introduction and 20 min. coaching session. During this time we have the opportunity to connect and determine if our skills and styles are a good match.
To schedule your complimentary consultation call (602) 206-3891 or write me at [email protected]

The Benefits…

“Jack appreciates his coach’s role in helping him gain self-awareness, which means understanding his strengths as well as his blind spots. ‘I don’t have these kinds of discussions with anybody else,’ he says. ‘I am on such a straight path that I can’t see what’s going on. That’s where coaching really helps me.’ Jack now expects his coach to hit a nerve from time to time. He sums it up this way: ‘The value to me is not for a coach to be really nice to me. I don’t need another friend. The value to me is having somebody to help me see what I can’t see.'”

Christine Turner, Ungagged: Executives on executive coaching, 2006

Level of Service


–    assessments
–    coaching
–    identify paths for development and change

Group Dynamics

–    interpersonal communication
–    building relationships
–    identifying roles and responsibilities

Impact on the system and the system’s influence on individuals and groups

–    take stock of the environment
–    learn from cultural assumptions
–    develop relationships with influencers
–    identify the drivers, boundaries and opportunities
–    design the future
–    create a map for the transition


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