Be Bold Bootcamp

Stand up and be recognized by your buyers. Build trust and create a buzz so your loyal customers will share with others. Bring people to your web site who know you and respect you. Create advocates who will talk about you and your service or product.


How are you succeeding at this currently? Is your social media strategy working for you? How do you know?

Be Bold Bootcamp™ is a 4-month commitment to learning how to generate sales through engaging the right people to join your cause, buy your product or pay for your service. You will gather with 7 other business owners around a conference room table twice a month to get the results your strategic marketing plan lays out for you.

What can expect from your investment in Be Bold Bootcamp?

  1. Confidence to engage with your buyers via sound Social Media Marketing Strategies
  2. Ability to create new, bold and inspiring messages about you, your commitments and your product and/or the benefits of your service
  3. Deeper understanding of what your clients want to build loyal customers and advocates
  4. Confidence in how to employ five technical essentials for implementing your Social Media Strategy (Keywords, Inbound Links, Analytics, Profiles and Readers/Alerts)

Contact us today for more information and to find out how you can support your business growth by using our expert system of coaching and feedback.


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