About Us

We help you find your own, powerful, personal voice so that you’re Suddenly Heard above the noise of daily business.

We pull science into the process using the expertise and experience of founder and facilitator Leslie Knowlton to raise the level of conversation and deepen the value received for you and your target customers.

Whether we’re working with you one-on-one or as part of a group in Be Bold Bootcamp™, it’s always about developing you and your unique voice. Let us show you how to find that voice and to be Suddenly Heard.

About Leslie Knowlton

Suddenly Heard was founded by Leslie Knowlton, who has twenty years of experience and expertise in leadership and team coaching, professional development, organizational change, communications, training technologies, leadership and business management.

We work with high performing business people who are challenged with finding and continually articulating their one clear, valuable voice. We work with our clients to define the path to leverage their strengths and accelerate their learning curve. We create a safe environment for working teams to have difficult conversations so that they can enjoy their teamwork, find their voice and support growing their business.

Leslie is student of Carl G. Jung and believes his theories can help us to understand what motivates us and how each of us deals with life’s stresses and inevitable changes. We incorporate those theories, Myers-Briggs and other science into our process to make it uniquely valuable for our clients.

Some of Leslie’s Qualifications:

  • International Coaching Federation ACC Certification
  • Evidence Based Coaching Certificate from Fielding Graduate University
  • Graduate Certificate in Organizational Development, Fielding Graduate University
  • Myers/Briggs Personality Type Instrument – MBTI and Step II Qualified (5 years experience, over 300 assessments)
  • PDI’s Profiler 360 Assessment Certified
  • Linkage Leadership Coach

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